Gurgaon courts case status

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Log on to LawStar. Select Gurgaon as your city and the court in which your case is going on (for eg. - High Court or District Court). After filling the details click on "find cases" and you will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill in your "case type", "case number" and "year of filing". After filling all the details click on "Search Your Case", your Gurgaon case status will be displayed.

Your case number is usually found on top of your case file. You can also find your case number by going to the website of the court your case is listed at and It is mentioned next to your case in the cause list of the day of listing.

It is in the following format:


CRM Case Type
1 Case Number
2018 Case Year

A cause list is a chronological list of cases that will be taken up by a court on a particular day. Every day a court publishes the list of cases that will be presented before a judge the next day or the next working day of the court. This list gives details of the Case Name, Parties, Case Number, Listing for, Name of Advocates, Courtroom No. & the Judge before whom the case will be presented.

They are of usually of the following nature:

  1. Supplementary List
  2. Miscellaneous List
  3. Regular matters

Based on the matter type and the stage, the case is listed in either of the lists.

When the trial proceedings of a case are concluded and a judgement is delivered with an order. It reaches the state of Case Disposal where no more proceedings to the said case will take place and no new orders will be published.

When the trial proceedings of a case are pending in the court of law and the case is in a position where a number of hearings / proceeding dates will be required to reach a point where a judgement can be given and the case can be disposed, it is said to be a Pending Case.

A number of times an update to a next hearing date is not available but the case is still pending. You may have to wait for the date to be updated and the same will be reflected whenever it is available.

When a case is listed for a date, it is available in the cause list of the said date. The cases in the cause list are put in a chronology and the placement of each case is against a number is the Item Number of the case.

It is basically a roll call according to which the cases are called in a court room.

A case bench is the Judge or Bench of Judges who will be taking up the case for proceedings. A case may have a change in Judge / Judges and the same should be known so as to be present.